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Diving at dive site Echuca Patch and the Der Yang

Name Dive Site:Echuca Patch and the Der Yang
Depth: 15-30m (49-98ft)
Visibility: 25-50m (82-164ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Echuca Patch is a large sausage shaped ridge that rises from a white sandy bottom at 44 meters to 10 meters below the surface. It is a place to encounter many pelagic fish. Trevally, sharks, yellowfin tuna and mackerel are very common, but you will also see barracuda's and jacks circling above your head. The top of the reef is made of pillar corals and has many anemones with its resident clownfish and other frequent coral marine fish.

The small Korean or Taiwanese fishing vessel the 'Der Yang' is home to some resident Queensland groupers and lies to the North of the reef. It was sunk by the Papua New Guinean authorities as an example against illegal fishing. They were fishing for shark fins. The wreck lies in beautiful blue waters and is home to many pelagic and marine fish. Sardines and anchovies are some of the fish that appear in large silver colored clouds. It makes a nice wreck with a lot of marine life.

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Lissenung Island

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