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Diving at ship wreck the USS Boston

Name Dive Site:USS Boston or FS-172 Boston
Depth: 0-40m (0-131ft)
Accessibility: Shore
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Located at the southern site of Cape Croisilles, just north of Madang, lies the shipwreck of the USS Boston. Many believe it is an American World War II freighter used as a minesweeper, but recent research says that the real name seems to be FS-172 Boston, a US army freight and store ship. This ship seems to be lost in July 1946, when its propeller became entangled in minesweeping cables, causing it to create a hole in its own hull. With a size of over 50 meters it has many rooms that can be explored. Many species of fish use the wreck for shelter and as their home. Think about turtles, sea snakes and morays, but also some species of sharks and rays.

The current is huge and divers have to drop into the water well up streams. From there you go down and enjoy the reef when the current brings you finally to the wreck. After enjoying all the ins and outs of the wreck the current will drift you further along the reef slope, which makes a beautiful safety stop. Just continue along the reef gradually diving shallower. There are large amounts of fish, coral growth is prolific and there are many unusual creatures to be spotted. In one word the FS-172 Boston makes a great dive site.

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