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Lars Hemel
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Information about many dive sites which have been listed but which have not been activated.

We have many dive sites listed in our database, but for some we don't have any information yet. We would appreciate any help so email us your text (don't forget to mention to which dive site it belongs) if you have been diving at the spots below and would like to write about it. You can also add a new dive site if your dive spot isn't listed at our website yet.

Milne Bay

Anemone Reef, Basilisk Point, Black and Silver Reef, Bob's Bommie, Boia Boia Waga Island, Hudson Aircraft, North Boia Boia Waga, Boirama Reef, China Strait, Auriroa Island, Gabugabutau Island, Muniara Island, Panamaiia Island, Panasesa Island, Quesa Island, Ship Pass, Tarapaniian Island, Daisy's Drop-Off, Dale's Reef, Deacon's Reef, Denlay Reef, Dinah's Beach, Doubilet Reef, Giants at Home, Greg's Reef, Heinecke Heaven, Jeremy's Reef, Kathy's Corner, Mei Mei'ara Island, Mike's Reef, North Pass, Nuakata Bay Reef, P38 Lightning Aircraft Wreck, P40 Kittyhawk Aircraft, Peer's Reef, President Grant, Samarai, Sawa Sawaga, Telita Reef, Tunnel Reef, Wahoo Reef, Waterman Ridge


Baldwin's Bommie, Beacon, Big Drop, Bottle Dump, Eastern Fields, Carl's Ultimate, Craig's Ultimate, End Bommie, Fisherman's Island, Bava 98, Idihi Island, Lagamara, Owen Stanleys, Jade, Lillian Patch, Lion Island, Lady Jules, New Marine #6, Sea Grass Beds, Sir Godfrey, Tuart, Local Island, Loloata Island, Boston A20 Havoc, Loloata Dock, Miku's, Motupore Island, New Marine And Kukipi, Pacific Gas, Pai, Panama, Papuan Barrier Reef, Nadine's Passage, Pinnacles, PJ Pass, Pumpkin Patch, Sandy Passage, Quayl's Reef, South Patch Reef

Entrecasteaux & Tufi

Amphlett Fans, B17 Bomber Blackjack, Balaban's Bommie, Bubble Bath, Bunama, Calypso Reef, Camel Reef, Cape Ventenat, Cecilia's Reef, Chris's Reef, Cyclone Reef, Double Tower, End Pass, Hickson's Reef, Humann's Colour Book, Humann's Shark Reef, Keast Reef, Knight Patches, Linda's Reef, Mapamoiwa Reef, Mary Jane Reef, Observation Point, Peer's Patches, Pohle Reef, Rhino Reef, S'Jacob, See and Sea Passes, Sonia Shoal, Stewart Reef, Suzy's Reef, Tony's Bommie, Trotman Shoals, Tufi Wharf, Valley Reef, Veale Reef, Wong's Reef

Lae & Madang

Air Cobra Aircraft, Aquarium, B25 Mitchell, Barracuda Point, Beacon, Benalla Banks, Blowhole, Coral Queen, Davit Wreck, Encounter Reef, Halfway Reef, Henry Leith, Kotoko Maru, Magic Passage, Mast Head Wreck, Pig Passage, Quarry, Rasch Passage, Sheila's Reef, Shepparton Shoals, Sushi Maru, Tami Islands, Waterhole

Kimbe Bay

Agu Reef, Bali Vitu Islands, Lama Shoal, Banban Reef, Bradford Shoal, Charmaine's Reef, Christine's Reef, Donna's Reef, Fairway Reef, Father's Arch, Inglis Shoal, Jayne's Gully, Joy's Reef, Katherine's Reef, Kimbe Island Bommie, Kirsty Jayne's Reef, Paluma Reef, Reeson Reef, Restorf Island, Robert's Reef, Schumann Island, South Bay Reef, South Emma, Susan's Reef, Torkoro Reef, Vanessa's Reef, Hanging Gardens, Numundo Reef, Wulai Island


Baldwin's Bridge, Bangkok Pass, BP Wharf, George's Wreck, Heaven's Gate, Kulau Lodge Beach Wrecks, Liguan Reef Garden, Little Pigeon, Midway Reef, Italy Maru, Manko Maru, Yamayuri Maru, Rainbow Reef, Rebecca's Corner, St George's Channel Seamount, Submarine Base, The Malis, Tukubar Wreck, Wanagamata Reef, Watom Island, Garden of Fans, Grotto, Peter's Point, Watom's Wall, West Point, Zero Fighter


Albatross Pass, B25 Aircraft Wreck or Stubborn Hellion, Big Fish Reef, Byron Strait, Byron Wall, Judy's Reef, Nautilus Ridge, Chapman's Reef, Chapman's Reef #2, Dyaul Point, Japanese Mini Submarine, Kate Aircraft Wreck, Malacanthus Patch, Peter's Patch, Planet Channel Drift, Sanko Maru, Turtle Reef, Valerie's Reef


Alacrity Harbour, Bagabag Bay, Bagabag Wall, Baracuda Seamount, Batfish Lagoon, Crown Corner, Crown Pinnacle, East Slope, Egum Rock, Hawkfish, Hermit Island Passes, Hollis Reef, India Maru, Julien's Reef, Mad Dog Reef, Manta Passage, Northwest Pass, Pelleluhu Passage, The Saddles, Village Log, Western Drop-Off, Wuvulu Island